Tuesday, May 27, 2008

About all this....

I'm 36 and I'm about 6 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband knows, my best friend knows and my parents know. He told 2 friends + 3 acquaintances. I haven't been on the pill for ages, so we weren't not trying, but we weren't really trying either. We just figured if it happened it happened, and we would deal with it. So here we are....coming to terms with being parents. I am hoping I don't miscarry, and he wants to tell everyone about it. I don't. We fight about that a few times a week.

I missed my period, but thought it was coming, as I had a few days of implantation bleeding. I wore a tampon, my boobs hurt, all PMS. But NO.....! My period never came, and my booms remained sore, and I had some very minor cramps. Now when I get my period, my cramps are horrible, and it's very heavy so I knew something was up. I had been talking about this to my best friend, telling her I felt weird, and my period was weird and she said I should go to the doctor. I figured there was no point in that. Either I would get my period and that would be that, or I wouldn't and I would be pregnant. That day, I spoke with my husband and told him my suspicions. He asked if I wanted him to buy me a pregnancy test and I said (with some hemming and hawing) YES.

I got home, relaxed, watched some TV and was sort of putting it off. I figured there was no way! Well, 20 percent of me thought that and 80% thought I was indeed pregnant, but I was blocking that 80% out. Not that it would be such a band thing, it would just be a shocker. So I was talking to my best friend on the phone, and said before I hung up "fuck it, I'm just going to take the damn test and get this over with". I hung up, peed on the stick and BLAM. + sign. My husband came in and saw what I was doing, and that I had already done it, and I knew + meant pregnant, and he didn't - so he took the instructions away and came back seconds later and we both started laughing. The test came with 3 tests, so I took the 2nd one too - this one was digital. It immediately said "pregnant" - no doubt about that! He peed on the 3rd one as a control. HAHA! So it's been a few weeks since then, and we're settling into the idea of this. My first doctor's appt isn't for about 2 weeks, so it doesn't quite seem real until a professional tells me yes, there is something growing inside of you. So hopefully that will be a fine appointment and all will be well. Anyway - I have much more to say about my first weeks of pregnancy, so more soon!

PS> Yes, that is the actual photo from my actual pregnancy test!

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