Thursday, October 30, 2008

prenatal yoga & exercise

My series of four prenatal yoga classes are over, and honestly - - I'm kind of sad! I quite enjoyed them. I would have signed up for the next round, but I would have had to miss the first 2 classes, and it would be a waste of $. I met a nice lady who is due a week before me, who goes to a class on Saturday mornings in my neighborhood here, so I might try to go to that, but it's at 9am - and that's EARLY!!! But I think it would be good for me to find some drop in classes to go to. I think the stretching was good for me. I was sweating the last class - she worked us HARD! I am a big fan of structured exercise. I am never good at doing videos or things at home, and much prefer a group environment. My belly is growing FAST and I am in turn, moving a lot slower, so I need to keep motivated in order not to just lay on the couch.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I passed the 2nd glucose test! yay me!

Good news! I "passed" the 3-hour glucose test! YAY! I thought that would be the case. The day before the first test, I had a LOT of sugar. Someone sent us delicious cupcakes and word got out that I was an icing fiend, so I had my cupcake + the icing from 2 other cupcakes. It wasn't until after I ingested all this sugar that I said to myself "whoops - I have the glucose test tomorrow"! So I am not surprised with the results of the first one. I am happy, but I still need to watch my sugar intake, and this is a HORRIBLE week to do that with Halloween and all. Plus, we're having people over for a baby shower/open house this weekend and there will be plenty of tasty treats to eat! Anyway - I must remember to eat healthy. Also, I am at 2 week doctor's appointments now. Whoa....getting closer! I'm 28 weeks and officially in my 3rd trimester. Time flies!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I am going to be 37 tomorrow. Whoa! 3 years from 40. No biggie really. I have to do math to remember how old I am most of the time. I think I stopped paying attention as soon as I turned 21. I remember telling my husband I wanted to be pregnant before I was 38, so we succeeded in that front, and now if we have another one, maybe by the time I'm 40! Generally I feel good. I think I eat relatively healthily, and take good care of myself. I could use more exercise, but that will come. I'm hoping to work really hard after the baby is born and do a lot of walking and exercising and I think I will be determined to get the weight off - at least I hope so! Either way, this will be a special birthday - my last one before we turn into a real "nuclear" family!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

chivalry is dead

If you'd ever like to assure being totally ignored on the subway, I highly advise getting pregnant. It's really funny how rude and awful people get. Since I am a nice person, I will always give up my seat for an old person, someone with a cane or crutches or someone pregnant. Apparently I am in the minority. Only 3 people have ever gotten up for me. I don't totally mind standing, since it's usually only for 2 stops until most people get off and I can sit - and my route home is at the beginning of the line, so there is always a seat for me. I think when I am feeling worse I will try harder to get a glare a little and flaunt my belly. But seriously.....people are rude!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

glucose test results

I failed the glucose test! My results came back "high". Bummer, but apparently a lot of people fail this one and have to do the extended one. I just made my appointment for 8am on Thursday (Argh!!!) and for that one I have to fast as of midnight the night before, then get my blood taken, and then drink the drink, then have it taken after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd hours. I guess I'm not totally upset about this, as I don't think I have it. I eat pretty healthy, I don't eat too many carbs as it is, and I have been working hard on getting more protein into my diet. I think if you get diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you then are sort of on the atkins diet...low carb, low sugar, high protein. It would be good for me to have some structure - but I would rather not have it. My blood test also came back with the news that I am slightly anemic. I am RELIEVED to hear that, as it explains why I am tired all the time. Before I was pregnant I was taking an iron supplement, and I stopped when I became pregnant. Now I am on it again and hopefully in a couple of days I'll have some good energy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today I had a doctor's visit, and it was the dreaded glucose test! This involved me being asked to drink a orange drink - I think it's called "Glucola" - and then wait an hour and have blood taken to test for gestational diabetes. Here is the official wording according to the American Pregnancy Association: The test evaluates how your body processes sugar. A high level in your blood may indicate that your body is not processing sugar effectively (positive test). If the results of this screen are positive, the woman may have the Glucose Tolerance Test performed. It is important to note that not all women who test positive for the Glucose Challenge Screening test are found to have diabetes upon further diagnosis.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this drink, and it really wasn't bad at all. It was just like flat orange soda. It went down the hatch and then I saw the doctor for my normal checkup. This was Dr.Brown - the 4th in my practice, and the only one I had yet to meet. She was quite lovely and informative and friendly. She felt around and we listened to the heartbeat and everything seemed normal! I go back in 2 weeks for the Rogam shot (because I have B- blood type, and my husband is B+) and another checkup. I don't know if I am going in 2 weeks just for the shot, or if this is when the more frequent appointment starts. I didn't ask. Anyway - all is well in babyland!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

on a lighter note.....finally a craving!

I have wanted hot chocolate every day! I guess it started a couple of weeks ago when it actually was fall in NYC for a minute, and sadly I work about 1 block away from Jacques Torres - which is noted for some of the BEST hot chocolate in the city. It is literally a cup of melted chocolate, very thick and very delicious. I don't know how I'm not going to have it today! Although, it's probably not TOO bad for me, considering I'm not that much of a milk drinker...maybe it's some of the only dairy I get! How's that for justification? I made it last night for my husband with cocoa powder, sugar and milk...I had some caramel salted hot chocolate from starbucks, which I hesitated getting because of the high calories....dare I even try to find out how many calories are in the Jacques Torres version? I know I am not supposed to be on a diet, but I think it's smart to at least be aware of HOW much of a pig I am being! Anyway - this seems like something weird that I always want, so I am officially calling it a pregnancy craving!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

anger management

I have found myself to be super angry and grumpy lately. It's not all the time, it's just that something can VERY easily set me off. I am not sure if it's hormones, or some sort of pregnancy depression. I am going to ask my doctor about it on thursday and hopefully she will be helpful, but it's really angering me..haha. It's probably not easy on my husband either - in fact, he surely sees the worst of it. There are times/days he really needs to tiptoe around me and I feel bad for him. Anything can start me crying and curling up into a ball and sobbing myself to sleep. That's happened a handful of times, but when it does, it really really sucks. I start being mad at whatever has set me off, and then I tear up, and then I just feel sorry for myself - and feeling kind of alone. It's times like this that make me feel like a kid, and I literally want my mommy. My parents being SO far away is usually a big source of my tears and even typing this is making me feel verklempt.

I hope to remedy these grumps by altering the things that are making me sad. My on and off hatred for New York has been ON and at a maximum, so I am going to alter my route home to avoid the crowds on Bedford avenue, and instead have a quiet, leisurley walk home. I am going to take it slower and take more deep breaths and realize that I don't need to be first off the subway. I am going to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, and that will make me less tired and less rushed in the morning. I am going to work with headphones on more often to avoid the annoyance of some coworkers, and I am just generally going to try to relax. Maybe I'll even consider another relaxing activity such as more prenatal yoga or swimming. My husband will be away for much of this week and hopefully when he returns I'll have chilled out and become more of a positive person. I don't like feeling the anger, as I don't want it to influence or impact the baby. I don't want it to come out sad and depressed! Serenity now!!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

sleep & yoga

I have been SOOO SOO SOO SO tired since about Saturday. It's really bumming me out, and I'm not sure yet if it's because I'm pregnant or if it's because I'm coming down with something. Traditionally I do get sick in October, and historically it's started with mega-sleepiness for days beforehand. So....I'm actually hoping it's a cold, because it would really suck to be THIS tired for the rest of my pregnancy. I've been trying to go to bed earlier, and in fact on Sunday I slept until noon, but today I felt ok until about 5pm when I started feeling groggy. I'm going to up my fruit and see if that might help, but I really hope this is just some sort of passing "phase", but only time will tell!

Despite my exhaustion, I forced myself to go to the first of four prenatal yoga classes that I signed up for (and pre-paid for) on Tuesday night. It was a good class and I enjoyed it, and even suffered from some muscle soreness in my legs yesterday! There were about 20 people in the class, and they ranged from 9 weeks to 26 weeks pregnant, with more of them in the middle - like 15-18 weeks pregnant. I felt good in it, and I think my experience with many of the poses from Bikram yoga helped me out, but I learned to focus from Bikram and not worry too much about when people around me were doing, plus I was in the front row and there no mirrors - so I guess I could have been the worst in the class, but who knows - and who cares! It's better than sitting on the couch and watching TV, which is EXACTLY what I would have been doing!

Monday, October 6, 2008


It's kinda weird when suddenly you are told that you can't be on a diet anymore, and since I was on one (weight watchers( for like 5 years, it was like woo hoo! PARTY TIME! But now that I have creeped up to near my pre-weight watchers weight loss number, I am getting a little freaked. I know I'm pregnant and I am supposed to gain weight, and I think I am actually doing well, but I feel like I've really taken advantage and eaten much too much sugar. I just had a cup of hot chocolate from Jacques Torres, which is literally a cup of thick and delicious melted chocolate. Sadly it's way to close to my office. Anyway - after I finish my oatmeal tomorrow, which I already put some brown sugar on - that's it - no more added sugar or sugary things. I think it's best that way. I am best at cold-turkey. I can't just "reduce my intake" of things that I sugar. I think generally though I've been eating pretty healthily, being conscious about protein thanks to my mom, and trying to eat salads and some balanced meals. I also used to eat a lot of frozen meals, and now I rarely do. SO....Thank GOD my yoga starts tomorrow, because I could really use a dose of the feeling that one gets after doing something good for their body!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

the hospital tour!

We went for our hospital tour the other night....interesting stuff I thought. First of all, these tours are pretty frequent, like a couple of times a week - maybe more. Even so, there were 72 or so people on the tour! All couples, of all different pregnancy ranges. Some people weren't even showing, and some people looked like they were ready to pop. A very diverse group! The super nice lady, who also is the head of education/classes took us on the tour and we started in a boardroom where she gave us handouts and explained the different options in terms of rooms - private room, birthing center (all private rooms), and normal double occupancy rooms. She was SO thorough and nice, as was the info she gave us.

We then headed upstairs to the 11th floor I think for a tour of these rooms. The normal labor and delivery rooms are all single occupancy and not bad. They even have tubs in them for laboring, just not as big as the ones in the birthing center. You do your thing in this room and then 1 hour later, they move you to whatever room you have requested (maybe). You can sign up for a private room, and if there is one available and you're next on the list, you get it - except you also have to be willing to pay $750.00 right then and there on your credit card. Those rooms were ok, still a little grungy, but nice. You get special meals, and your husband/partner can stay the night, which is not the option in the double rooms. The double rooms aren't bad - but I guess it would really depend most on who was your neighbor and how annoying they were. The tour lady told us that she is still friends, 35 years later, with the woman she shared a room with!

The birthing center was cool, it smelled good and it was peaceful and quiet. I would LOVE to be in there, but unfortunately my doctors don't deliver there anymore. Apparently they used to, but because they have to commit to be there the whole time, labour included I guess, it's not possible since they work in shifts. ie: there are four doctors in the practise and one of them is always at the hospital. The lady said they were "liberal" - so hopefully that means they won't force drugs and epidurals on me. Anyway - I am happy to give birth there and I hope it will be good and that I won't go into labour on New Year's Eve, because if that's the case I will have to take the subway - crossttown traffic on that night would be INSANE!!!!!