Monday, October 6, 2008


It's kinda weird when suddenly you are told that you can't be on a diet anymore, and since I was on one (weight watchers( for like 5 years, it was like woo hoo! PARTY TIME! But now that I have creeped up to near my pre-weight watchers weight loss number, I am getting a little freaked. I know I'm pregnant and I am supposed to gain weight, and I think I am actually doing well, but I feel like I've really taken advantage and eaten much too much sugar. I just had a cup of hot chocolate from Jacques Torres, which is literally a cup of thick and delicious melted chocolate. Sadly it's way to close to my office. Anyway - after I finish my oatmeal tomorrow, which I already put some brown sugar on - that's it - no more added sugar or sugary things. I think it's best that way. I am best at cold-turkey. I can't just "reduce my intake" of things that I sugar. I think generally though I've been eating pretty healthily, being conscious about protein thanks to my mom, and trying to eat salads and some balanced meals. I also used to eat a lot of frozen meals, and now I rarely do. SO....Thank GOD my yoga starts tomorrow, because I could really use a dose of the feeling that one gets after doing something good for their body!

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