Thursday, October 2, 2008

the hospital tour!

We went for our hospital tour the other night....interesting stuff I thought. First of all, these tours are pretty frequent, like a couple of times a week - maybe more. Even so, there were 72 or so people on the tour! All couples, of all different pregnancy ranges. Some people weren't even showing, and some people looked like they were ready to pop. A very diverse group! The super nice lady, who also is the head of education/classes took us on the tour and we started in a boardroom where she gave us handouts and explained the different options in terms of rooms - private room, birthing center (all private rooms), and normal double occupancy rooms. She was SO thorough and nice, as was the info she gave us.

We then headed upstairs to the 11th floor I think for a tour of these rooms. The normal labor and delivery rooms are all single occupancy and not bad. They even have tubs in them for laboring, just not as big as the ones in the birthing center. You do your thing in this room and then 1 hour later, they move you to whatever room you have requested (maybe). You can sign up for a private room, and if there is one available and you're next on the list, you get it - except you also have to be willing to pay $750.00 right then and there on your credit card. Those rooms were ok, still a little grungy, but nice. You get special meals, and your husband/partner can stay the night, which is not the option in the double rooms. The double rooms aren't bad - but I guess it would really depend most on who was your neighbor and how annoying they were. The tour lady told us that she is still friends, 35 years later, with the woman she shared a room with!

The birthing center was cool, it smelled good and it was peaceful and quiet. I would LOVE to be in there, but unfortunately my doctors don't deliver there anymore. Apparently they used to, but because they have to commit to be there the whole time, labour included I guess, it's not possible since they work in shifts. ie: there are four doctors in the practise and one of them is always at the hospital. The lady said they were "liberal" - so hopefully that means they won't force drugs and epidurals on me. Anyway - I am happy to give birth there and I hope it will be good and that I won't go into labour on New Year's Eve, because if that's the case I will have to take the subway - crossttown traffic on that night would be INSANE!!!!!

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