Friday, July 4, 2008

CVS - done!

I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow! What a milestone - YAY! yesterday was the big CVS test. I managed to get an appointment with one Dr. Wapner. My genetic counselor said he was the "guru" of CVS tests and she doubted I would even be able to get an appointment with him, but get an appointment I did.

So yesterday my hubby and I headed to Columbia Presbyterian East-side and arrived at their fancy offices. I filled out miles of paperwork again....oh, and an aside - why on earth isn't there a national healthcare database so I don't have to keep filling out all this junk! SO annoying. Anyway - the people there were all SO nice. I finished the paperwork and then a genetic counselor saw us, yes - again, but that is their protocol. It was good though, because my husband had been unable to come to the previous session I had with a counselor. That was fine, but she made me a little nervous by disagreeing with my doctor and the previous counselor about the jewish screenings. She thought I should be tested for the whole panel, which would mean they would take 4 tubes of blood, and we didn't want to do the CVS and take more blood on the same day since we know what happens to me when my blood is taken. Anyway - I think I'm going to call my doc on Monday to discuss having more blood taken and if it's necessary.

After the session, we were brought to a room and I was given 2 gowns to put on. Then a super nice lady came to bring us to the procedure room where she did an ultrasound on me. This was our first one, so it was super exciting, especially since hubby didn't get to see the baby squirming around last time. She was doing the ultrasound to determine a bunch of stuff I guess, but most importantly if they were going to do the test vaginally or through my stomach. Since my placenta is attached from the front, they determined I would have the needle through the stomach. I was actually hoping for that since it seemed less invasive than the catheter through the vag and then a needle through the catheter. That seems like trouble.

The doctor came in we got started. First, tons of bactine on my stomach. I mean a lot. Then he stuck the needle in, with the ultrasound guiding the whole thing. It went by quickly. I felt a pinch - well, a continual pinch and then some strangeness in my back/rectal area which they said would happen due to some nerve thing. I was squeezing my hubby's hand HARD the whole time, and it took about a minute and it was done. Then I got a shot of Rogam, which was apparently necessary since my blood type is RH- and that shot will ensure that if my baby's blood type is a positive one, that my blood won't fight it if things get at all mixed up during the test. I then got dressed, wiped the bactine off and went home! I rested the rest of the day and napped and my husband took care of me. They recommend resting for about 48 hours. No aeorobic activity, baths, sex, etc. I am well rested, and feeling 100%. No problems, spotting etc. I look forward to Tuesday when we will hopefully get our initial news...and ideally it will be good. We will have full results in about 2 weeks.

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