Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hi! I'm back from a few days on The Jersey Shore - wildwood to be exact (see photos of past years here - there's some amazing old architecture and a style of motel called Doo Wop which is sadly vanishing). Anyway - the big highlight of the trip was the fact that our first night there, we went to dinner with my husband's family (they go to Wildwood every year - big tradition), and during dinner, we told them our exciting baby news! My mother-in-law and aunt-in-law both got teary and my sister in-law and her husband were super psyched! It was fun to tell them and it felt like the start of an avalanche of telling people! I've since told many friends, and hinted about it on facebook, and I let the beans spill at work, so now most people know there and if they don't, they will soon. I was being weird about it I think. I kind of dreaded the thought of all the initial attention and questions, but it's been fine actually. Most people seem genuinely excited for me, which is nice. I catch them looking at my stomach to try to see if I'm showing, and they try to do it discreetly, but I see them! I hope I show soon so they will have something more interesting to look at rather than my chubby gut!

PS> I'm 14 weeks!
PPS> I made my first maternity purchase the other day - a bella band!


maylily18 said...
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maylily18 said...

ah the bella band....such a beautiful thing for pregnant women. i have a hard enough time finding regular jeans that fit me, let alone maternity jeans!