Monday, September 15, 2008

cribs and strollers

Johnny and I went on another baby products excursion on Saturday. We went to mini jake, Giggle and Schneiders. We are researching cribs and strollers and I hope to have these decided on soon! The cribs are making me crazy. I like a pricey Oeuf one, the "Sparrow" - and I like this Amy Coe one from Babies R Us, which is mid-range and then there is the basic Ikea "Gulliver" crib for 99$. That is a TON of price range, and then you still have to spend 200-300 for a crib mattress, which is really where you need the quality! Argh!!! I am sort of going nutty trying to decide, and I think we need to go to Ikea and check their cribs out. Are they good enough? Are they sturdy enough? Do we have enough Ikea in our home (yes). I think we will decide between the Amy Coe and the Ikea and be done with it. The Oeuf is a nice designy piece, but I'd rather get something a little less pricey.

PS> The crib pictured is my "dream" crib, but it's also a ridiculous $2500!!! Forget about it! I could by a car for that.

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maylily18 said...

it is ridiculous how much baby furniture can be! my husband and i tackled the bigger baby items together (stroller, crib, swing, etc). something that we tried to keep in mind was how much use the crib would provide. we definately wanted one that could be turned into a decent toddler bed, and then a twin bed. i don't know if that is something you have thought about, but we don't mind shelling out a bit of extra money now to have a bed that will lasat our child for a while.

good luck!