Friday, September 5, 2008

friday links and news

I added a couple of links to the link section, cool mom picks and pregtastic. I want to say something about Pregtastic though...this is the BEST podcast ever. Seriously. I listen to my ipod every morning on my way to work, and normally it's music, but since I discovered this show, I downloaded all of them and listen religiously. It's usually 2-5 ladies in the San Diego area, all of which are pregnant (except the host, but she has 2 kids) and they discuss their "ups and downs" and there is a weekly topic. There are often knowledgeable guests, like Dr. Sears and the woman who invented hypnobirthing...Anyway - I gush, but I have learned a LOT from this show and I have found it so unbelievable helpful and I never tire of it! HIGHLY recommended.

Oh, and here are three news stories I found interesting...
-Questions remain about BPA safety

-Mom's reactions to baby's first cry post-birth different vs. C-sections and vaginal births

-toddler vaccinations set record

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