Friday, November 7, 2008

cold and hot

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I've been dragging a bit. My little brother is in town and I spent some time hanging out with him, and now I seem to have a cold. I am on day 2 of stuffiness, a mild sore throat, a little cought and extra tiredness. Yuck. I'm drinking an Odwalla "C Monster" and hopefully between all the fruit I plan on eating, and my continual water drinking, I can flush it out or something. TGIF too. I can sleep in this weekend and get some R&R! Oh, and the "hot" in the title? I think I am starting to be a lot hotter than everyone around me, but it's hard to tell as here in NYC it's been warmer than it should be. It's been in the mid-60's which I think is a little high for this time of year, so last night despite having all the windows in our room open I still only slept with a sheet. It was breezy too! And when I walk around outside, I am always the least bundled up person. I guess time will tell  - when it's super snowy and freezing outside and I am boiling, I will know that this is the pregnancy hots!

PS> tomorrow I will be 30 weeks = 7.5 months pregnant!

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