Wednesday, November 19, 2008

maternity/nursing bras

I am in a quandry. The other day I went to buy a new maternity bra, and I got a size larger than the one I previously had (which is a couple of sizes larger than normal) and it's just not comfortable. Mind you, it's the same as the one I have been wearing for the last while, just bigger. It has underwire, and that seems to be the culprit. Under my arms, it feels like it's almost pointing out, instead of curving in, and it's very annoying. My boobs are big enough that I feel like I need the support of underwire, but I am going to look into some other options. Plus, the pregtastic podcast I listen to had an older episode (#44 I think) with a lactaction consultant and she said that underwire is not good if you plan to breastfeed, at least as the birth gets closer. SO> I think I am going to look into some Medela bras, or ideally go to this place my friend Lisa told me about - The Upper Breast Side - what a name! It's apparently a mammary mecca to all things breast feeding. Unfortunately their hours (and their website) are lame, but hopefully I can get there soon!

(ps: the photo is of model Jerry Hall breastfeeding!)

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maylily18 said...

i used to work for victoria's secret, so i know quite a bit about bras. :) not so much maternity/nursing bras, but i know how the normal ones are supposed to fit. if the wire is sticking out on the side, the cup is definately too big. a demi cup covers 3/4 of your breast so the wire should come up the same amount on each side, 3/4. even with a full coverage bra, you always want the wire to sit about an inch below your armpit.

i am having so many bra issues right now as well. sometimes if you just loosen the band, or get some of the back extenders, the cup will fit more comfortably on your regular bras. but don't loosen the straps.

i hope this helps and makes a little sense. :)