Monday, December 1, 2008


We have two lovely cats. One named Ravioli, and the other named Slash (pictured). We've often wondered if they would start to sense my pregnancy and act weird, or if they would just start hating us. So far nothing has happened, but one of them is sick and it's stressing me out a bit. On Wednesday am, there was a big cat poop in my closet which I thought was one of them sensing the baby and acting out, but sadly I was wrong. Our big fat lovable cat Slash is sick. We were away from Wednesday night to Friday night and when we got home, there was puke and poop in many places, including our bed. I washed our bedding and the cleanup was fine, but since we had been away, we didn't know if he was eating or drinking or peeing or pooping or what. We took him to the vet on Saturday am, and they realized that he was horribly impacted with poop. They sedated him and took it out, and upon xraying, they had some other concerns. 1) Maybe he has asthma or 2) maybe he has a heart condition. Ugh. Anyway - after we brought him home I thought he would bounce right back and start eating and drinking as soon as the sedation wore off, but no dice. He drank a bit, but hasn't eaten. So...he's going back today for some fluids and discussion about the next step. I hope after he gets some fluids and maybe the vitamins etc that are included that he will bounce back. Fingers are crossed. It's crazy how upsetting it is, and it makes me even more concerned for baby's arrival. If I'm this concerned about a cat, what state will I be in when I have a sick baby? That's what my husband asked me, and I told him that doctor's know a LOT more about babies than I will remember that some day!
PS> I'm 33 weeks!
PPS> We have the newborn care class tonight!

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