Tuesday, December 2, 2008


In the last week or so, people have started predicting the sex of our child. Mostly people I know, but today a total stranger! I was walking to the fruit stand to get my daily banana and this guy yelled out "it's going to be a boy". In typical NYC fashion, I had my headphones on and chose to ignore him. I also wasn't 100% sure he was talking to me! I had to go by him again to get to work, and he sort of stopped me and said "I think you're having a boy" and I said "I don't know!" and he repeated himself and I smiled and told him I would remember his prediction when the time came. A fellow I work with also predicted a boy and said "I'm never wrong". So......I wonder! They have a 50/50 chance, right? I REALLY like the name we have picked for a girl, so I am leaning towards that as a preference, but I'm trying to not have a preference because I don't want to be disappointed! Our boys name is good too, but since I was 12 when my brother was born, I feel like I saw a boy being raised so now I would like to get to watch a girl and buy cute dresses and frilly clothes, etc - but if it's a boy they have cute stuff too - just not as cute!

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