Saturday, August 23, 2008


I don't think I've had "cravings" yet per se, like what IS a craving? In my mind, a pregnancy craving isn't really limited to being pregnant. I think it's just wanting something and having no reason to deny it for yourself. When people ask me if I've had any cravings, I sort of think of some medical deep need for something that is a switch in my brain, not just some random food I feel like eating. The dictionary says craving is "an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing". So, I don't think I've had any of those. I have WANTED (to have or feel need) some foods, but that's no different than prior to me being pregnant! Those things have included the following: bacon, milkshakes, fruit, nutella, spaghetti, tacos, salted chocolate. It's not like I need any of those things immediately, it's just that I've been on a diet for at least 5 years, and now suddenly I am not supposed to be on a diet? What's a girl gonna do? I'm gonna eat what I want! If any actual cravings come up, I'll let you know!

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Anonymous said...

It's way too early for cravings. You just wait, baby!