Tuesday, August 5, 2008

emotional rescue

Last week, I was kind of a mess. It was weird. I was just in a crappy mood all week. It was totally pregnancy emotions - bigtime downers, things would just set me off on a neverending crying spree. I cried for about an hour over a bagel. There was another crying spell over a lame dinner I had to go to and it's lameness. It's weird. I sit there crying, knowing I'm crying over something ridiculous, but I just can't stop. It starts with the silly thing, and then escalades into me feeling sorry for myself for various reasons. Again, I blame the lack of sleep. SO..I think I am out of this funk, and I have no lame dinners to go to this week, in fact not many plans at all which is wonderful. I plan on relaxing, maybe FINALLY getting around to prenatal yoga, and most importantly - going to bed early!

1 comment:

LB said...

sleep dahling, sleep! the bagel doesn't deserve your tears! xoxo