Tuesday, August 12, 2008

more clothes...

So last night I decided to head up to the H&M in our area that has a maternity section, which happens to be the one in Herald Square right near Macy's. Yay Macy's! I was pretty damn surprised at how small the maternity section was, but the nice thing was that it was on the 3rd floor and not busy. I didn't have to wait to try anything on and at H&M that is a rarity. I tried on some jeans, pants and tops. The jeans ans pants were both ok, but I was worried about shrinkage - not of me, of the clothes;) so I decided to wait until I really needed them which will probably be in a few weeks. As of now I am wearing pants and jeans that are 2 sizes up from my normal size. I still have to undo the buttom sometimes though. The shirts were crazy. All elastic gathered waists with but poufy bottom halfs. I was really looking for something to wear now, not in 3 months, so I got one maternity shirt in this super nice royal purple color which should last my whole pregnancy. I then ventured downstairs to the normal clothes and found 2 more shirts that worked well 2 sizes above normal. I'm feeling content for the moment with regards to shirts! I popped into Macy's to see what was up there, and low and behold their maternity section is a damn Pea In The Pod...same stuff I saw the other day. The good thing though, was that the salespeople left me alone. So next time if I'm feeling like I really need something from that store, I'll just go to the macy's version!

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maylily18 said...

i had a really frustrating experience shopping for maternity clothes. i am not quite big enough for the true maternity clothes, but not small enough for most of my current wardrobe. i feel your frustration. i don't mind looking pregnant, but when i have to buy clothes that are just too big in order to be comfy, i feel like i just look fat.

i didn't know h&m had maternity! this just brightened my whole day! i love that store and am now very eager for a little side trip to nyc i am taking this fall. :)