Wednesday, August 6, 2008

how AM i feeling?

I have been feeling good. I don't feel pregnant all the time, except for some pains here and there. My boobs are getting sore again, and I have some ligament pain that comes and goes. My ability to sleep isn't good. I toss and turn a LOT. It's not comfortable to sleep on my stomach anymore since it feels like I'm sleeping on a grapefruit, and I haven't allowed myself to sleep on my back since I know I'm not supposed to - although that seems to be something I could do if I wanted to....but I know later I won't be able to, so why treat myself? I used Johnny's pillow last night and that was a nice change. Then I tried to sleep on the couch, and then I just brought a different pillow from the living room over to our room to try. I seem to be in a deep slumber right around the time that I'm supposed to be awake. At least I was in bed by 10:30, so that was good. I'm not really showing - ok - maybe a little, but I am chubby to start with, so all I feel is fat, and when I push down it feels hard underneath but there's so much fat to get through. I can't wait until I'm REALLY showing and everything, fat included hopefully - gets hard. Right now, well - especially today because I am wearing the wrong shirt - I generally feel self-conscious about my stomach area. I plan to join the Y so I can start swimming, and I plan tonight to try my prenatal yoga dvd. I've been saying that for weeks, so wish me luck. Otherwise, I do feel generally pretty good. They call this 2nd trimester the easy one, and then the third will be crappy.....I should be lucky that I can sleep at all, because god knows what will happen when I am 7 - 8 - 9 months pregnant!

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Shopnoholic said...

You are excellent at Yoga - I've seen you do it! GOOD LUCK and GET STARTED!!! xo