Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Diet & Exercise

...are 2 things I haven't been paying that much attention to yet. Fact is, prior to this I was on a diet for at least 5 years. I'm serious. I joined weight watchers about 5 years ago and lost 30 pounds. Ever since then I've been trying to lose 15 more, but I kept going up and down. So now, the fact that I can't be on a diet is a little bit of a strange concept for me to grasp, and maybe that's a good thing. I have been off and on that weight watchers diet for years, and it's really on a per-meal basis, or if I'm doing well, a per-week basis. WW at least teaches me about portion control and what healthy foods are. That being said, my point. Since I found out I am pregnant, I haven't been binging per se, but I haven't exactly been always thinking about what my healthiest choice is. I'm getting better about it, but I wish that I was making some better choices. I think I will be ok, as I am not doing any of the things I'm not supposed to do, and fried food is NOT part of my life, nor are many other crappy things. I think this magical upcoming doctor's appointment will solidify be a good eye opener for me and help me get on track to make sure I am getting enough fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, dairy etc. I also have been thinking about exercise. Prior to being pregnant, I was doing my best to walk 3 miles every Saturday, which I would like to start doing again - and ideally add another day. I have also been thinking about swimming and how nice that would be. The pools around my house are a little gross though, so we'll see. Anyway - wish me luck on my healthy quest!

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