Saturday, June 14, 2008

The First doctor's visit!

Here's a play by play. After I filled out multitudes of forms and then went in, my blood pressure was taken by a nurse and then she told me how to pee in a cup. Then I changed into a gown with the opening facing front of course. My lovely doctor came in and said congrats and we talked for a while and then she went to town. First a pap, then a breast exam - standard OBGYN checkup stuff since I was about due for that anyway. Then she felt the uterus with her fingers....yikes....awkward! Then she stuck what looked like a thin dildo in my snatch and that was a sonogram. It went in and somehow showed my uterus, where we saw a little blob that had a heartbeat that was beating fast! Everything's looked good....not much to see, not a distinguishable baby that is, but at least I know it's not a phantom pregnancy and the tests I took were right! Yay! I go back in 2 weeks for some blood tests, and in the meantime I need to choose between a CVS test and an amniocentesis, since my hubby and I have determined that since I am 36, we would like to do som testing to make sure nothing is wrong. OK! Any advice between those 2 tests would be welcomed.

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Mama's Losin' It said...

Yay. How exciting. I hope everything goes well...the first three months are the most sensitive so I'll be hoping the best for you!!

ps I love that you just call it like it