Friday, June 6, 2008

A Grape

I am 8 weeks pregnant now! Wow. This feels like some sort of a landmark for some reason. I'm 2/3 through my first trimester, and just 4 weeks away from telling people, and maybe showing! That's also 4 more weeks of keeping secrets, and trying to explain my hunger, my non-diet, and lying about why I'm not drinking. This weekend we're going to a wedding, and the good thing, is that I don't know too many people there, so it's unlikely that anyone will ask why I'm not drinking, but there won't be any dancing for me - since that only happens after one too many! I have a pretty social job that requires me to see bands, and eat dinners, and be social. The season for lots of shows is coming soon, and next Tuesday I am invited to a boozy dinner with a coworker and some associates. At this time, I have accepted the invitation, but I don't know how I'm going to explain to these folks why I'm not drinking. A good excuse might be that I'm on medication and can't drink with it - or I'm SO hungover that I couldn't possibly! Oh well. I will come up with something good. I'm never one to turn down a free dinner! Speaking of food ,I hope I am getting proper nutrients. Since my last post, I am more aware of what I need to be eating and I'm trying to up my dairy and my vegetable intake. I had a salad last night which felt great. My husband and I used to have salads almost every night, but traditionally those salads would include some sort of soft cheese - feta, blue cheese or gorgonzola, so the thought of making one without made me not want to make one at all. But I did - and added chopped nuts and dried cranberries insead. So....I'm on the right track! Oh, and the baby is now the size of a grape.

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