Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pillow talk

Well friends, not too much to report! I still feel great, and I have been trying to eat healthier. I've made my daily lunch a hearty salad with spinach or romaine, and lots of beans, beets, an egg, cranberries, walnuts etc. I'm all about it. Now, just to add more exercise! I have been walking a lot, and yesterday I ordered 2 pregnancy dvd workouts, since I was honest with myself - I am not going to go to a gym. I'm just not. I truly look forward to getting them and doing them!

I've suffered from some insomnia, which has actually gotten better the last couple of nights. I got a new pillow, which I love (tempurpedic) and switched to a summer blanket. I've also been trying to go to bed earlier and read for a little while before trying to sleep.

In short - things are good! I think I've decided on the CVS test, and on Monday afternoon I go for a counseling session. I don't know what will happen there, but I suppose they will tell me about the test, it's risks and collect my family history. I will have some questions for them too, based on my research. I will ask the name of the doctor performing the test, how many he/she performs a year, and what he/she's rate of miscarriage is. I have been reading that it's the people in small towns getting CVS tests from doctors that only perform say 30-40/year that have problems. The more tests a doctor performs, the better. I hope to then get the actual test later that week or early the next week. I will have to take a sick day as apparently you feel crappy after.

OK....more soon!

Oh, and baby got to attend a Dr.John concert last night...which was the music that my mom played for me starting at age 4

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