Monday, June 9, 2008

Don' say "crave" !!!

Dear pregnant people,

When trying to keep your pregnancy a secret because it's too early to tell people, don't use the word "crave" in a sentence! It will immediately cause people around you to ask, in unison "what, are you pregnant?" and again, you will be forced to lie. "Ha! Me? Hell no."


Such was my lunch. I was at a 3 hour work lunch with about 8 people and they decided to order 2 bottles of white wine. I didn't say anything when they gave me a glass, and I discreetly said to the waitress "just a splash for me" and lived with a 1/4 full glass for the rest of the lunch! We toasted, and I didn't even put it to my mouth. No one said anything! I thought I was scott free until I ordered pineapple sorbet for dessert and said "I've been craving pineapples a lot lately" and got the 2 people asking in unison if I was pregnant. In fact, my pineapple "craving" is really more "thoughts". I've been THINKING about pineapple lately....not really craving it. In fact I have been craving fruit in general, and whether that's pregnancy related or related to the sweltering NYC heat, I don't know! But I'm not going to worry about it because fruit is delicious and good for me!

Oh, and I made it through the wedding without having to explain my non-drinking self to anyone. I had a fine time, but wasn't drunk, so I therefore didn't dance or feel compelled to make new friends which so many people seem to like to do at weddings! There was a 8 month pregnant gal there dancing her ass off - she was quite inspiring, but I thought her baby was going to fall right out with all the jumping she was doing! I hope to have that much energy at that point.

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